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The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 12
September 10, 2017 05:04 AM PDT
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Natural Four - What Do You Do (LP: Heaven Right Here On Earth) 1974
Smoke - What Goes Around Comes Around (LP: Smoke) 1976
Splendor - A Brighter Day (LP: Splendor) 1979
Rufus And Chaka Khan - Heaven Bound (LP: Masterjam) 1979
Kinsman Dazz - Catchin' Up On Love (LP: Dazz) 1979
Brainstorm - Brand New Day (LP: Journey To The Light) 1978
Leroy Hutson - Feel The Spirit (LP: Feel the Spirit) 1976
Frederick - Games (LP: Frederick) 1985
Enchantment - Don't Fight The Feeling (LP: Utopia) 1983
Rene & Angela - My First Love (LP: Rise) 1983
Beau Williams - I'll Take Your Love With Me (LP: Stay With Me) 1983
Tavares - I Hope You'll Be Very Unhappy Without Me (LP: New Directions) 1982
Lakeside - Make It Right (LP: Outrageous) 1984
Audio - I'm In Love For The Very First Time (LP: Romantic) 1991
L.R. Superstars - Say Yeah (LP: Sayin' It) 1990
Herbert Charles - For Letting Her In (LP: Something About Her Love) 1990
Terry Steele - Delicious (LP: King of Hearts) 1990
Tower Of Power - Some Days Were Meant For Rain (LP: Power) 1987
Atlantic Starr - Don't Take Me For Granted (LP: All In the Name of Love) 1987
Valentine Brothers - Used To Be Lovers (LP: Picture This) 1987
Vanessa Bell Armstrong - Living For You (LP: Vanessa Bell Armstrong) 1987
Phyllis Hyman - When You Get Right Down To It (LP: Prime Of My Life) 1991
Quinn Golden - For The Rest Of My Life (LP: I Am Serious About Your Love) 1990
Robbie Mychals - Holding On To Love (LP: Robbie Mychals) 1990
Giorge Pettus - Don't Put Me Off 'Till Tomorrow (LP: This Is Your Night) 1991
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 11
August 14, 2017 03:16 PM PDT
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Curtis Mayfield - You Are You Are (LP: Do It All Night) 1978
Phyllis Hyman - Lookin' For A Lovin' (LP: Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1978
Jermaine Jackson - You Gave Me Something To Believe In (LP: Frontiers) 1978
D. J. Rogers - Say You Love Me, One More Time (LP: On The Road Again) 1976
George & Gwen McCrae - You And I Were Made For Each Other (LP: Together) 1975
The Futures - Don't Close The Book (LP: Castles In The Sky) 1975
People's Choice - I'm Leaving You (LP: Boogie Down USA) 1975
Natural Four - You Bring Out The Best In Me (LP: Heaven Right Here On Earth) 1974
Margie Joseph - Come With Me (LP: Sweet Surrender) 1974
The Checkmates Ltd. - Falling In Love (LP: We Got The Moves) 1977
The Montclairs - Make Up For Lost Time (LP: Dreaming Out Of Season) 1972
Larry Saunders - This Is My Prayer (LP: The Prophet Of Soul) 1976
Larry Saunders - Fly Away Love Bird (LP: The Prophet Of Soul) 1976
Smoke - Freedom Of The Mind (LP: Smoke) 1976
Nancy Wilson - Now (LP: This Mother's Daughter) 1976
Side Effect - Sylvia (LP: Effective) 1973
Side Effect - Tree Of Love (LP: Side Effect) 1976
Side Effect - Rainbow Visions (LP: Rainbow Visions) 1978
Sweet Thunder - Searching (LP: Above The Clouds) 1976
Heaven & Earth - Let's Get It Together (LP: Fantasy) 1975
Three Pieces - If Only I Could Prove To You (LP: Vibes Of Truth) 1975
Anglo Saxon Brown - The Man I Love (LP: Songs For Evolution) 1976
Dynamic Superiors - Looking Away (LP: You Name It) 1976
The Whispers - Broken Home (LP: Bingo) 1974
The Whispers - Love Is A Dream (LP: Open Up Your Love) 1977
The Impressions - I'm A Fool For Love (LP: It's About Time) 1976
Tavares - Madam Butterfly (LP: Madam Butterfly) 1979
The Main Ingredient - California My Way (LP: Afrodisiac / Euphrates River) 1974
The Record Room - Digital Edition
July 31, 2017 01:16 PM PDT
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Will Downing (Feat. Avery*Sunshine) - Feeling The Love (edit) (forthcoming album: Soul Survivor) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - Sparkle (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - Electric Love (feat. Jeff Lorber) (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Aeroplane (feat. Tawatha Agee) - Love On Hold (single) 2017
BB Boogie (feat. Rasiyah) - Let Love Grow (Digi-album: Standing On The Wall) 2017
Sir Piers (feat. Frank McComb) - Long Distance (Piers 'Curious' Remode) Radio Edit (single) 2017
Soul Fusion Seven - Summer Breeze (T-Groove Remix ) (single) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - Breathless (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - After The Show (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Gene Moore - Coming Home (Digi-album: The Future) 2017
Tanya Holt - How Do You Feel? (Digi-album: Can We?) 2017
Coriology - Be With You (single) 2017
Tyra Levone - You and You (Digi-album: Testimony A Soul Set Free) 2017
JazzyD Feat. Deli Rowe - Every Side Of You (single) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - London to America (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Dimitris & Sulene - One of Those Days (CD: Sparkle) 2017
Eric Roberson (feat. Will Downing) - Lyrics Of Pleasure (Digi-album: Wind) 2017
Park Place Presents: The Songs of Paul Tillman Smith - Miracles (Digi-album: Bed Ballads) 2017
Angela Johnson - Fly (CD: Eugen Botos Finally) 2016
Soul Folk feat. Will Hammond Jr. - Give You The World (CD: Brothafromanuthaplanet) 2006
Yolanda Johnson - Doing Dirty (CD: Violet Flower) 2006
Rhonda Smith - Ray Of Light (CD: RS2) 2006
MG - Still (CD: Still) 2006
Liv Warfield - Get Away (CD: Embrace Me) 2006
Lynne Fiddmont - Flow (CD: Flow) 2006
Terisa Griffin - Love Changed (CD: My Naked Soul) 2006
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 9
July 24, 2017 02:47 PM PDT
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Tommy Stewart - Riding High (LP: Tommy Stewart) 1976
Billy Paul - People Power (LP: When Love Is New) 1975
Black Ivory - Daily News (Vocal) (LP: Feel It) 1975
Marlena Shaw - Rhythm Of Love (LP: Acting Up) 1977
Mary Wilson - Pick Up The Pieces (LP: Mary Wilson) 1979
Sharon Ridley - You Sold Me A One Way Ticket (LP: Stay Awhile With Me) 1971
Richard Evans - Windy City (LP: Richard Evans) 1978
Kitty & The Haywoods - Makin' Love (LP: Love Shock) 1977
Gene Chandler - Do What Comes So Natural (LP: When You're #1) 1979
Circle O'Fire - Nobody Loves You Like I Do (LP: Circle O'Fire) 1978
Bill Brandon - Baby Love Is A Two Way Street (LP: Bill Brandon) 1977
Betty Wright - Room At The Top (LP: This Time For Real) 1977
Carol Douglas - All My Love (LP: Burnin') 1978
Spice - The Last Time (LP: Let There Be Spice) 1976
Vernon Burch - Loving You Gets Better With Time (LP: I'll Be Your Sunshine) 1975
Vernon Burch - Give Love A Try (LP: I'll Be Your Sunshine) 1975
Jaisun - No Other Arms (LP: Jaisun) 1977
Tata Vega - Just When Things Are Getting Good (LP: Full Speed Ahead) 1976
Linda Clifford - Only Fooling Myself (LP: Linda) 1977
Individuals - Together (We Can Make Something Happen) (LP: Together (We Can Make Something Happen)) 1976
Walter Heath - Put Your Love In My hands (LP: You Know Your Wrong Don’t Ya Brother) 1975
Rudy Love & The Love Family - Come Back To Me (LP: This Song Is For You) 1978
Blue Magic - Summer Snow (LP: Mystic Dragons) 1977
Ubiquity - Love Is Love (LP: Starbooty) 1978
Free Life - Wish You Were Here (LP: Free Life) 1978
Brass Fever - Time Is Running Out (LP: Time Is Running Out) 1976
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 8
July 10, 2017 02:32 PM PDT
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William Bell - Yesterday I Lied, Today I Cried (LP: It's Time You Took A Second Listen) 1977
John Edwards - Sister Rose (LP: Life, Love & Living) 1976
Milt Matthews - Me And You And Love (LP: Milt Matthews) 1978
Michael Orr - Ecstasy, Fantasy and Dreamland (LP: Spread Love) 1976
Little Beaver - I Like The Way You Do Your Thing (LP: When Was The Last Time) 1976
The Dramatics - Spaced Out Over You (LP: Shake It Well) 1977
Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign - You Got Me Rushin' (LP: Watching You, Watching Me) 1976
Sharon Cash - To Get Him Back (LP: Sharon Cash) 1973
Phyrework - More Than A Dream (LP: Phyrework) 1978
Phyrework - Make It Last (LP: Phyrework) 1978
Phyrework - Fly Away (LP: Phyrework) 1978
Blue Magic - Message (LP: Message From The Magic) 1978
Side Effect - Never Be The Same (LP: Goin Bananas) 1977
Wood Brass And Steel - My Lady (LP: Wood Brass And Steel) 1976
Pleasure - Your Love Means Life (LP: Get To The Feeling) 1978
Kwick - Why Don't We Love Each Other (LP: Kwick) 1980
The Suttons - Give It To Me (LP: So Good) 1984
New Horizons - No One Ever Will (LP: Gonna Have Big Fun) 1984
Chew - I Like It (LP: See The Light) 1983
Lonnie Liston Smith - Enlightenment (LP: Silhouettes) 1983
Atlantic Starr - Second To None (LP: Yours Forever) 1983
Jessie Butler - Let My Love Bring Out The Woman In You (LP: Free To Be Me) 1984
G. C. Cameron - Give Me Your Love (LP: Give Me Your Love) 1983
Serenade - La La For Love (LP: Rare 4 RCA Compilation) 1989
Stephanie Mills - Here I Am (LP: Merciless) 1983
Maurice Massiah - Living Inside Your Love (LP: Seventh Heaven) 1982
Intensive Heat - I Know Now (LP: Intensive Heat) 1982
Instant Funk - Jumpin' To Conclusions (LP: Looks So Fine) 1982
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 7
June 26, 2017 02:28 PM PDT
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Leroy Hutson - Positive Forces (7 inch 45: Acid Jazz) 2017
Mother Braintree - Sailing (7 inch 45: Super Disco Edits forthcoming) 2017
Bell Telephunk - Love Vibrations (7 inch 45: Super Disco Edits) 2017
Leslie Uggams - I Wanna Make It Easy For You (LP: Leslie Uggams) 1975
Betty & Dee - High On Love (LP: The Girls) 1976
Delores Hall - Never Gonna Let You Go (LP: Delores Hall) 1979
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble - I Wanna Be Your Woman (LP: What Colour is Love) 1977
Dionne Warwick - You're Gonna Need Me (LP: Just Being Myself) 1973
The Blue Notes - Here I Am (LP: The Truth Has Come To Light) 1977
Dyson's Faces - Don't Worry About The Joneses (LP: Dyson Faces) 1975
Originals - Natural Loving Feeling (LP: Communique) 1976
Love Peace & Happiness - Don't Take Your Love From Me (LP: Love Is Stronger) 1971
Odyssey 5 - Got To Be An Answer (LP: First Time Around) 1974
Tavares - What You Don't Know (LP: Hard Core Poetry) 1974
Rudy Love & The Love Family - All I Can Say (LP: This Song Is For You) 1978
Crack Steppin' - What We Gonna Do With This Feeling (LP: Crack Steppin' - A
Comic Book Operetta In Rhythm & Blues) 1981
Clifton Dyson - Hypnotize (LP: Slow Your Body Down) 1981
Faison - Thoughts (LP: Love Fire) 1981
Larnelle Harris - To Be Like Him (LP: Give Me More Love In My Heart) 1981
One Way - Get It Over (LP: Love Is . . . One Way) 1981
Freddie Hubbard - Jarri (LP: Splashdown) 1981
Soul Liberation - Touch Me Again (LP: Who Are You?) 1982
9th Creation - Maybe (EP: Love Crime) 1986
9th Creation - Bygones (EP: Love Crime) 1986
Corky Hale - So Much In Love (LP: Harp Beat) 1985
Barbara Mitchell - Take Your Time (LP: High on Love) 1986
Visions - The First Time (LP: Visions) 1988
Norman Connors - Welcome to My Life (LP: Passion) 1988
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 6
June 05, 2017 02:35 PM PDT
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Al Johnson - Let Me Love You (Like You Want To Be Loved) (LP: Peaceful) 1979
Rickie Boger - Do You Like My Song (LP: Slow Down, Baby) 1976
Tommy Tate - Listen To The Children (LP: Tommy Tate) 1981
Shotgun - Stone Women (LP: Shotgun III) 1979
Shotgun - In And Out Of Love (LP: Kingdom Come) 1980
Scherrie & Susaye - In The Night (LP: Partners) 1979
Al Johnson - Since You Walked Out Of My Life (LP: Peaceful) 1978
Shotgun - Special Lady (LP: Shotgun III) 1979
Shotgun - Introduce Me (LP: Kingdom Come) 1980
Five Special - Do Something Special (For Your Lady) (LP: Special Edition) 1980
Heaven & Earth - How Do You Think You're Gonna Find Love (LP: Heaven & Earth) 1978
RJ's Latest Arrival - Made Up Mind (LP: RJ's Latest Arrival) 1979
Gavin Christopher - We're In Love (LP: Gavin Christopher) 1979
Al Johnson - Peaceful (LP: Peaceful) 1978
Street Corner Symphony - We Got A Good Thing Going (LP: Little Funk Machine) 1977
Street Corner Symphony - No Game To Play (LP: Little Funk Machine) 1977
Odyssey 5 - Peace Of Mind (LP: Odyssey 5) 1975
Bobby Powell - Childhood Days (LP: Thank You) 1973
Originals - You, Mysterious You (LP: Baby I'm For Real) 1969
Odia Coates - I'll Just Keep On Loving You (LP: Odia Coates) 1975
Tom Brock - That's The Reason Why I Love You (LP: More And More) 1974
Al Johnson - I've Got My Second Wind (LP: Peaceful) 1978
Smoked Sugar - Loving You Coming Out Of A Brand New Bag (LP: Smoked Sugar) 1975
Natural Four - I Think I Found That Girl (LP: Nightchaser) 1975
The Whispers - Once More With Feeling (LP: Bingo) 1974
The Impressions - If It's In You To Do Wrong (LP: Finally Got Myself Together) 1974
Margie Joseph - Ridin' High (LP: Sweet Surrender) 1974
Penny Goodwin - Too Soon You're Old (LP: Portrait Of A Gemini) 1974
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 5
May 30, 2017 12:06 PM PDT
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Paul Tillman Smith - Summer Skye (A Beautiful Heart) 2017
Erica Falls - Makings of Love (Homegrown) 2017
rAliya Hall - Butterfly (Butterfly) 2017
Stephen Richard - Give Me All Your Love, Pt. 1 (feat. Kiland) (Spectrum) 2017
Impact - Somethin To Rock Too (When April Meets May) 2017
Darien - Wonders (Departures) 2017
James Day feat Glenn Jones, Tony Terry, Tim Owens, Lin Rountree, U-Nam - Speak Love (Song Soul & Spirit) 2017
Michon Young - Ooh (Love, Life, Experiences) 2017 Walter Christopher - Felicity (2017)
Dara Tucker - Radio (Oklahoma Rain) 2017
Erica Falls - Homegrown (Homegrown) 2017
Aliya Hall - Beautiful (Butterfly) 2017
Teresa Cason - Happy (Let It Shine - EP) 2017
Marcus Anderson - Give Love (Limited Edition) 2017
Impact - Highway Music (When April Meets May) 2017
D. Mills - Unexpected Love (feat. Vanjess) (The Recital) 2017
Darien - Someone Is You (Shawn's Revenge) (Departures) 2017
Marq Lamont - So Good (Back to My Bedroom) 2017
Aliya Hall - Be You (Butterfly) 2017
Erica Falls - Lovin' the Feelin' (Homegrown) 2017
Ragan Whiteside - I Never Told You (Treblemaker) 2017
Luis - Teach Me (Do It) 2009
Logan - Contact High (A Kings Heart Scene One) 2009
Joe - Mary Jane (DoubleBack: Evolution Of R&B) 2013
Lejit - How Can I (New Beginning) 2013
Kuipiio - I Am (feat. Brandon Marceal) (Kuipiio (Pronounced Koo We Pe O) 2013
Frank McComb - Human Kindness (The Truth) 1995
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 4
May 15, 2017 02:42 PM PDT
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MONDAY MAY 15 2017

Chaka Khan - Nothing's Gonna Take You Away (LP: Naughty) 1980
Cuba Gooding - All I Can Give You Is Love (LP: The First Cuba Gooding LP) 1978
Cuba Gooding - Fool Of The Year (LP: The First Cuba Gooding LP) 1978
The Three Degrees - Distant Lover (LP: International) 1975
Charles Earland - I Will Never Tell (LP: Coming To You Live) 1980
Faze-O - You And I (Belong Together) (LP: Riding High) 1977
Ramsey Lewis - So Much More (LP: Three Piece Suite) 1981
George Duke - Corine (LP: Follow The Rainbow) 1979
Glass Tear - Holding On (LP: Glass Tear) 1988
Lyn Roman - A Different Kind Of Sweet (LP: Wanted) 1987
Mason - Breathless (LP: Livin On The Edge) 1987
Mica Paris - Words Into Action (LP: So Good) 1988
Hodges, James & Smith - You Can't Hide Love (LP: What Have You Done For Love) 1978
Marilyn Scott - You Can Do It (LP: Without Warning) 1983
Marlene With Seawind - Let Yourself Go (LP: Summer Nights) 1982
Deco - Someone Special (LP: Fresh Idea) 1983
L.T.D. - Is It Over (LP: For You) 1983
Johnny Taylor - Can I Love U (LP: Wall To Wall) 1985
Anita Baker - Good Enough (LP: Giving You The Best That I Got) 1988
Gary Taylor - Love You To The Limit (LP: Compassion) 1988
Gerald Alston - Stay A Little While (LP: Gerald Alston) 1988
Chapter 8 - So In Love (LP: Forever) 1988
Krystol - Just Don't Make It Hurt (LP: I Suggest U Don't Let Go) 1989
Will Downing - Sometimes I Cry (LP: Come Together As One) 1989
Pieces Of A Dream - Lonely Hearts of Love (LP: Bout Dat Time) 1989
The Record Room on Mi-Soul Connoisseurs - Show 3
May 01, 2017 01:11 PM PDT
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SHOW 3 - MONDAY MAY 1 2017

Bobby Womack - Fact Of Life / He’ll Be There When The Sun Goes Down (LP: Facts Of Life) 1973
John Edwards - Spread The News (LP: John Edwards) 1973
The Sylvers - Come On Down To My House (LP: Forever Yours) 1978
Lou Courtney - What Do You Want Me To Do (LP: I’m In Need Of Love) 1974
Tower Of Power - Clever Girl (LP: Tower Of Power) 1973
Tower Of Power - Just Another Day (LP: Tower Of Power) 1973
The O'Jays - Crossroads Of Life (LP: Super bad) 1971
Bloodstone - Outside Woman (LP: Unreal) 1973
Opus 7 - Hey Big Brother (LP: Thoughts) 1979
Side Effect - Finally Found Someone (LP: What You Need) 1976
Street People - Liberated Lady (LP: Street People) 1976
Smoke - Sunshine Roses And Rainbow (LP: Smoke) 1976
Black Ice - Postcard Love Affair (LP: I Judge The Funk) 1979
The Reflections - One Into One (LP: Love On Delivery) 1975
Bobby Wilson - Don't Shut Me Out (LP: I'll Be Your Rainbow) 1975
Sweet Thunder - I Leave You Stronger (LP: Horizons) 1979
Lonnie Liston Smith - Journey Into Love (LP: Loveland) 1978
Earth Wind & Fire - You And I (LP: I Am) 1979
The Emotions - Cause I Love You (LP: Come Into Our World) 1979
Al Hudson & The Partners - Another Love Song (LP: Happy Feet) 1977
Atlantic Starr - Losing You (LP: Straight To The Point) 1979
Edna Wright - Oops! Here I Go Again (LP: Oops! Here I Go Again) 1977
The Gap Band - I'm In Love (LP: The Gap Band) 1979
The Stylistics - Between Hello And Goodbye (LP: Love Spell) 1979
New York City Band - Together (LP: New York City Band) 1979
Nancy Wilson - Now (LP: This Mother's Daughter) 1976
Little Anthony & The Imperials - I Don't Have Time To Worry (LP: On A New Street) 1973
Esther Phillips - I Haven't Got Anything Better (LP: Capricorn Princess) 1976
New Birth - Fallin' In Love (LP: Love Potion) 1976

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