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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 30, 2020 03:02 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 30th August 2020

The last new show for a few weeks, taking a break in September, but leaving you with a trawl through the class and quality of the 90s featuring two hours of prime quality choices from that decade

Angela Bofill – Essence Of My Light (CD: I Wanna Love Somebody) 1992
Phyllis Hyman – I Can't Take It Anymore (CD: Prime Of My Life) 1991
By All Means – Hello Goodbye (CD: It's Real) 1992
Louis Price & Nikita Germaine – Hearts Devotion (CD: Louis Price) 1991
Tisha Campbell – Loves Got A Hold On Me (CD: Tisha) 1992
Malaika – Sweet Dreams (CD: Sugar Time) 1993
Absolute – Imaginary Love (CD: For All Seasons) 1990
Chanté Moore – Because You're Mine (CD: Precious) 1992
Keith Washington – When It Comes To You (CD: Make Time For Love) 1991
Gary Brown – Love, Need And Want You (CD: Rhythm Or Romance) 1992
Rachelle Ferrell – 'Til You Come Back To Me (CD: Rachelle Ferrell) 1991
Johnny Gill – Lady Dujour (CD: Johnny Gill) 1990
Chris Ballin – Stay Away From You (12" Expansion Records) 1991
Chris Ballin – Give Me All Your Love (12" Expansion Records) 1993
Chris Ballin – Cry (CD: Do It Right) 1996
Charlayne Page – Just The Two Of Us (CD: Funk Food 2 - Have It Your Way) 1996
Plunky & Oneness ft. Charlayne Page – Just Know That I Love You (CD: Groove Tones) 1998
Vanessa Williams – Surrender (CD: Next) 1997
Billy Porter – I Am A Spy (CD: Billy Porter) 1998
Boney James ft. Eric Benet – It's All Good (CD: Sweet Thing) 1997
Andre De Lang – Don't Stop Believing (CD: Worth The Wait) 1996
Dee C Lee – To Have & To Hold (CD: Smiles) 1998
Earth Wind & Fire – Round & Round (CD: In The Name Of Love) 1997
Deitrick Haddon – Raptured Away (CD: Live The Life) 1997
Phat Cat Players – This Is Your Day (CD: Make It Phat, Baby!) 1998
The Wednesday Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
August 27, 2020 09:28 AM PDT
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The Wednesday Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 26th August 2020
Another monthly Wind Down Zone rotation slot, 3 more hours of 70s and 80s classic mellow and deep soul, big productions, fantastic songs, real instruments, strings, things and incredible vocals

Phyllis Hyman – No One Can Love You More (LP: Phyllis Hyman) 1977
Phyllis Hyman – The Answer Is You (LP: Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1978
Phyllis Hyman – Give A Little More (LP: You Know How To Love Me) 1979
Phyllis Hyman – The Sunshine In My Life (LP: Can't We Fall In Love Again) 1981
Luther Vandross – Don't Take The Time (LP: This Close To You) 1977
Aretha Franklin – This Is For Real (LP: Jump To It) 1982
Starpoint – You're My Sunny Day (LP: Starpoint) 1980
Starpoint – Angel (LP: Wanting You) 1981
Starpoint – This Is So Right (LP: It's All Yours) 1984
Atlantic Starr – Losing You (LP: Straight To The Point) 1979
Platinum Hook – One More Day (LP: It's Time) 1979
The Whispers – Try And Make It Better (LP: Headlights) 1978
Brainstorm – Loving Just You (LP: Journey To The Light) 1978
Brainstorm – If You Ever Need To Cry (LP: Journey To The Light) 1978
Brainstorm – You Put A Charge in My Life (LP: Funky Entertainment) 1979
Debra Laws – Meant For You (LP: Very Special) 1981
Alton McClain & Destiny – Why Did You Let Me Love You (LP: Gonna Tell The World) 1981
Walter Jackson – Tell Me Where It Hurts (LP: Tell Me Where It Hurts) 1981
Zingara – Are You Ready for Love (LP: Zingara) 1981
Gene Dunlap – It's Just The Way I Feel (LP: It's Just The Way I Feel) 1981
Jean Carn – Mystic Stranger (LP: Sweet And Wonderful) 1981
Gene Van Buren – When Is It My Turn (LP: What's Your Pleasure) 1982
Dazz Band – Gamble With My Love (LP: Keep it Live) 1982
Revelation – Since I Fell For You (LP: Revelation) 1982
Heaven & Earth – Give Love One More Chance (LP: That's Love) 1981
Keith Barrow – Free To Be Me (LP: Physical Attraction) 1978
High Inergy – Somebody Somewhere (LP: Frenzy) 1979
Direct Current – When It's Love (12" TEC Records) 1979
Tavares – Madam Butterfly (LP: Madam Butterfly) 1979
Tyrone Davis – Overdue (LP: I Just Can't Keep On Going) 1980
Rumple-Stilts-Skin – I Need You (LP: Rumple-Stilts-Skin) 1981
Barrett Strong – Surrender (LP: Stronghold) 1975
Gavin Christopher – Treasure Every Moment (LP: Gavin Christopher) 1976
Soul Children – We Got To Get Our Thing Together (LP: Finders Keepers) 1976
Collins and Collins – You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good (LP: Collins and Collins) 1980
Chaka Khan – Nothing's Gonna Take You Away (LP: Naughty) 1980
Kwick – Why Don't We Love Each Other (LP: Kwick) 1980
Isley Brothers – Here We Go Again (LP: Go All The Way) 1980
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 23, 2020 03:11 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 23rd August 2020

Staying with the classic soul again this week, and once again returning to the early 80s as well as taking in some late 70s for some seriously sublime two step and rare groove perfection

Starpoint – Try Me (LP: Wanting You) 1981
Starpoint – All Night Long (LP: All Night Long) 1982
Starpoint – Something in Your Eyes (LP: It's So Delicious) 1983
Nature's Divine – I Just Can't Control Myself (LP: In The Beginning) 1979
Natural High – I Think I'm Falling In Love (LP: Natural High 1) 1979
Kinsman Dazz – Catchin' Up On Love (LP: Dazz) 1979
Atlantic Starr – With Your Love I Come Alive (LP: Atlantic Starr) 1978
Galaxy – A Love So Strong (LP: Hot, Wet And Sticky) 1978
Richard Evans – Windy City (LP: Richard Evans) 19781
Niteflyte – If You Want It (LP: Niteflyte I) 1979
Opus 7 – I Love You (LP: Thoughts) 1979
Dexter Wansel – New Beginning (LP: Time Is Slipping Away) 1979
Bar-Kays – Attitudes (LP: Flying High On Your Love) 1977
Fowler Brothers – Mister Butterfly (LP: Breakfast For Dinosaurs) 1988
Earth Wind & Fire – Turn It Into Something Good (LP: Faces) 1980
Heat – Whatever It Is (LP: Heat) 1980
Freedom – Caught (Special Way) (LP: Free) 1980
Con Funk Shun – By Your Side (LP: Spirit of Love) 1980
Marva King – Suspicions (LP: Feels Right) 1981
Cheryl Lynn – Show You How (LP: In The Night) 1981
Ren Woods – If You Come With Me (LP: Azz Izz) 1982
Gene Page – Second Time Around (LP: Love Starts After Dark) 1980
Ullanda McCullough – Getting Ready For Love (LP: Watching You Watching Me) 1982
Future Flight – Hip-Notic Lady (LP: Future Flight) 1981
Lovesmith – Shame On You (LP: Lovesmith) 1981
Norman Connors – Sing A Love Song (LP: Mister C) 1981
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 16, 2020 03:22 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 16th August 2020

Returning to my favourite era for soul music once again, the early 80s, more deep digging through the LPs on the shelves and pulling out classic and underplayed beauties

Atlantic Starr – More Time For Me (LP: Yours Forever) 1983
Atlantic Starr – Second To None (LP: Yours Forever) 1983
Atlantic Starr – Touch A Four Leaf Clover (LP: Yours Forever) 1983
Johnny Baker – It's Your Night (45 Expansion Records) 2020
Rena Scott – Driftin On A Dream (Download Single) 2020
Carl Anderson – Amour (LP: Absence With Out Love) 1982
Carl Anderson – Time To Win (LP: On & On) 1984
O'Bryan – Soft Touch (LP: You & I) 1985
Rene & Angela – I Love You More (LP: Wall To Wall) 1981
Bobby Broom – Share My Love (LP: Clean Sweep) 1981
Sylvia St. James – Better Things (LP: Magic) 1981
Mighty Fire – Sweet Fire (LP: Mighty Fire) 1981
The Warriors – Je Ne Sais Quoi (LP: Behind The Mask) 1982
Sheree Brown – Happy Music (LP: The Music) 1982
Gene Van Buren – I Give Good Love (LP: What's Your Pleasure) 1982
Billy Ocean – Dance With Me (LP: Inner Feelings) 1982
Atkins – Nobody's Waiting (LP: Atkins) 1982
Rockie Robbins – Together (LP: You & Me) 1980
Alphonzo Surrett – Give Me Your Love (LP: Coming Out) 1980
Angela Bofill – Is This A Dream (LP: Too Tough) 1983
Lenny White – Fascination (LP: Attitude) 1983
One Way – Didnt You Know It (LP: Shine On Me) 1983
Tavares – Deeper In Love (LP: Words And Music) 1983
The Controllers – Undercover Lover (12” Single) 1984
Glenn Jones – Finesse (LP: Finesse) 1984
La Voyage – R.B. Girl (LP: La Voyage II) 1987
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio 09.082020
August 09, 2020 03:44 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 9th August 2020

Back into my favourite era for soul music, the early 80s, a real time of music discovery for me and a period where the music released then still stand up today in terms of quality, but don’t take my word for it, just for yourself from tracks by the following classic artists

Lakeside – It's Got to Be Love (LP: Keep On Moving Straight Ahead) 1985
Dayton – Wanna Be Your Man (LP: Cutie Pie) 1981
Tavares – Only One I Need To Love (LP: Love Uprising) 1980
Revelation – Shout For Joy (LP: Revelation) 1982
Bloodstone – My Love Grows Stronger (LP: We Go Long Way Back) 1982
Tomorrow's Edition – Part Time Love (LP: A Song For Everyone) 1982
Klique – I Can't Get Enough (LP: Let's Wear It Out) 1982
Shock – That's A Lady (LP: Waves) 1982
Sharon Redd – Love Is Gonna Get Ya (LP: Sharon Redd) 1980
Evelyn Champagne King – What Are You Waiting For (LP: I'm in Love) 1981
Gayle Adams – Let's Go All The Way (LP: Love Fever) 1982
Karin Jones – Here I Go Again (LP: Under The Influence Of Love) 1982
Billy Griffin – Be With Me (LP: Be With Me) 1982
Marc Sadane – Baby Wont'cha (LP: Exciting) 1982
Melba Moore – It's Really Love (LP: Never Say Never) 1983
Alfie Silas – You Put The L In Love (LP: Be Yourself) 1983
Zingara – Wonder Love (LP: Zingara) 1981
Future Flight – Walk Don't Run (LP: Future Flight) 1981
Billy Ocean – Whatever Turns You On (LP: Nights Like This (Getting Down)) 1981
The Dells – Happy Song (LP: Whatever Turns You On) 1981
Delegation – I Wantcha' Back (LP: Delegation) 1981
Atlantic Starr – Perfect Love (LP: Brilliance) 1982
Leon Ware – Lost In Love With You (LP: Leon Ware) 1982
Rene & Angela – Free And Easy (LP: Rene & Angela) 1980
Enchantment – I Believe In You (LP: Soft Light Sweet Music) 1980
Charles Earland – Coming To You Live (LP: Coming To You Live) 1980
The Soulsorts Something Different Sessions 2020 #6
August 02, 2020 03:01 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Something Different Sessions 2020 #6
Sunday 2nd August 2020

Fuminori Kagajo – Voyage (Album: Timeless) 2018
The Andy Tolman Cartel – Politea Square (Album: Cypher) 2017
RK Fusion – Time Flight (The James L'Estraunge Orchestra Remix) (EP: Time Flight) 2020
Reel People – High (CD: Seven Ways To Wonder) 2011
Angela Johnson – You're Here With Me (Massheen Remix) (Album: Revised, Edited & Flipped) 2012
Afro Elements feat. Heidi Vogel – Latinspiration (CD: It Remains To Be Seen) 2007
Nicola Conte feat. Heidi Vogel – Astral Rivers (Album: Free Souls) 2014
The Bahama Soul Club – Ain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness If I Do (Album: Bohemia After Dawn) 2020
Kabanjak – Night People (All Good Funk Alliance Remix) (CD:
Fantastic Freeriding - The Next Chapter) 2006
Sleepwalker – Wind (CD: Works) 2007
Quasimode – Ascension (The Land Of Freedom Part 2) (CD: Four Pieces -The Best Selection) 2012
Fuminori Kagajo – Theme from Cross (Album: Timeless) 2018
Jazzanova – Theme From Belle Et Fou (Album: Funkhaus Studio Sessions) 2012
Ervin Pope feat. Rickey Jones & Glenn Jeffery – Crazy About You (Album: Infectious) 2012
Ruth Koleva – What Am I Supposed To? (Album: Ruth) 2014
DJ Kemit – Never Go Away (Album: Everlasting) 2012
Monday Michiru – Sunrise (Album: Brasilfied) 2013
Black Light Collective – Freedom Day (Album: Black Light Collective) 2020
Camarão Orkestra feat. Anthony Joseph – Canto Da Bahia (Album: Nação África) 2020
Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella – The Higher Love (Album: The Higher Love) 2020
Mausiki Scales – Where The Sun Comes Up (Album: WestWest Africa) 2020
Simon Jefferis feat. Abhi The Nomad & David Mrakpor – Back 2 Ours (Album: Vibrations) 2020
Kamaal Williams – Save Me (Album: Wu Hen) 2020
Ashley Henry – Pressure (Album: Beautiful Vinyl Hunter) 2019
The Wednesday Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
July 29, 2020 03:41 PM PDT
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The Wednesday Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 29th July 2020
My turn in the Wind Down Zone rotation slot once more, and again this month 3 hours of 70s and 80s classic mellow and deep soul, big productions, fantastic songs, real instruments, strings, things and incredible vocals

Luther Vandross – Once You Know How (LP: Forever For Always For Love) 1982
Luther Vandross – Make Me A Believer (LP: Busy Body) 1983
Luther Vandross – Other Side Of The World (LP: The Night I Fell In Love) 1985
Luther Vandross – Because It's Really Love (LP: Give Me The Reason) 1986
Stylistics – Smooth (LP: In Fashion) 1978
Ben E. King – Let Me Live In Your Life (LP: Let Me Live In Your Life) 1978
The Dramatics – Just Shopping (Not Buying Anything) (LP: Drama V) 1975
Peabo Bryson – Reaching For The Sky (LP: Reaching For The Sky) 1977
Michael Henderson – Valentine Love (LP: Solid) 1976
Phyllis Hyman – Soon Come Again (LP: Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1978
Norman Connors – Handle Me Gently (LP: Invitation) 1979
Rena Scott – If I Had A Chance (LP: Come On Inside) 1979
Melissa Manchester & Peabo Bryson – Lovers After All (LP: For The Working Girl) 1980
Today, Tomorrow, Forever – Life Is Just What You Make It (LP: Surprise! Surprise!) 1981
Mizz – Make It With You (LP: Mizz) 1980
A Taste Of Honey – If We Loved (LP: A Taste Of Honey) 1978
First Choice – I Love You More Than Before (LP: Delusions) 1977
Gentle Persuasion – Gotta Lotta Love (LP: Gentle Persuasion) 1978
Mtume – We're Gonna Make It This Time (LP: In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers) 1980
The Dells – Passionate Breezes (LP: I Touched A Dream) 1980
Leroy Hutson – So In Love With You (LP: Love Oh Love) 1973
The Impressions – I Need You (LP: It's About Time) 1976
Willie Hutch – Let Me Be The One (LP: Color Her Sunshine) 1976
G.C.Cameron – Let Me Down Easy (LP: Love Songs & Other Tragedies) 1974
Opus 7 – The Way You Move Me (LP: Thoughts) 1979
Yarbrough & Peoples – Come To Me (LP: The Two Of Us) 1980
Candi Staton – Halfway To Heaven (LP: Candi Staton) 1980
Whispers – Say You (Would Love For Me Too) (LP: Imagination) 1980
Enchantment – You And Me (LP: Soft Light Sweet Music) 1980
Tata Vega – I Get So Used To You Being Around (LP: Givin' All My Love) 1980
Southroad Connection – Just Let Me Know (LP: Positive Energy) 1980
Teddy Pendergrass/Stephanie Mills – Feel the Fire (LP: TP) 1980
Shirley Murdock – Go On Without You (LP: Shirley Murdock) 1986
Shirley Jones – Last Night I Needed Somebody (LP: Always In The Mood) 1986
Vesta Williams – It's You (LP: Vesta) 1986
Phyllis Hyman – You Just Don't Know (LP: Living All Alone) 1986
Phyllis Hyman – First Time Together (LP: Living All Alone) 1986
David Hudson – You Make Me Feel (So Good Inside) (LP: Nite and Day) 1987
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio 26.07.2020
July 26, 2020 03:45 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 26th July 2020
This time out a random dip into the collection over the past 20 years

Incognito – Rivers Runnin' Black (CD: Life Stranger Than Fiction) 2001
Incognito – Cada Dia (Day By Day) (CD: Who Needs Love) 2002
Incognito – Beyond The Clouds (CD: Adventures In Black Sunshine) 2004
M-Swift feat. Vanessa Haynes – Greater Love (CD: Evening Sun) 2009
Jazztronik feat. Lorraine Cato – Beauty - Flow [Incognito Session] (CD: Grand Blue) 2007
Jamiroquai – Smile (Download: www.EARMILK.com) 2012
Brandon Williams feat. Frank McComb – Feel Free (Album: XII) 2014
Frank McComb – Feelin' Some Kinda Way (Album: Soulmate) 2014
Khari Cabral feat. Chantae Cann – Get Back (EP: Clementine Sun) 2011
Khari Cabral – Never In Your Sun feat. India.Arie (EP: Clementine Sun) 2011
Khari Cabral & Jiva feat. Paige Lackey Martin – More To Do (Album: Heaven & Earth) 2016
Jiva – I Realized (EP: Sun & Moon) 2004
Incognito – As Long As It's You (EP: Eleven) 2005
Incognito – Everyday (EP: Bees + Flowers + Things) 2006
Incognito – When The Sun Comes Down (EP: Tales From The Beach) 2008
Incognito – Restless As We Are (EP: Surreal) 2012
Incognito – Rapture (EP: Amplified Soul) 2014
Joan Belgrave – Hey Love (Single) 2013
Castella – No Ordinary Love (EP: Thinking About You - EP) 2019
E3 – Killing Time (Album: One Soul) 2014
Kevin Chandler Band – How Could You I Not Adore (Album: Damascus Train) 2009
Joe Buhdha feat. Terri Walker – Caught Up (Album: Joe Buhdha presents Terri Walker - Untitled to Entitled) 2014
Mad Satta – By Your Side (Album: Comfort) 2014
Calvin Richardson – Home In A Minute (Album: I Am Calvin) 2014
Natasha Watts – Insatiable (Album: 2nd Time Around) 2016
The Soulsorts Something Different Sessions 2020 #5
July 19, 2020 03:45 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Something Different Sessions 2020 #5
Sunday 19th July 2020

The Motion Collective – Into You (Album: Unstuck In Time) 2015
The Foreign Exchange – Milk And Honey (Album: Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey) 2015
The Foreign Exchange – Work It To The Top (Album: Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey) 2015
The Foreign Exchange – Until The Dawn (Milk And Honey Pt. 2) (Album: Tales From The Land Of Milk And Honey) 2015
RK Fusion – Time Flight (James L’Estraunge Orchestra Remix) (EP: Time Flight) 2020
Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle – Can We Pretend (Tall Black Guy Samba Mix) (Album: Retroflection Remixed) 2019
Louie Vega feat. N’Dea Davenport – Magical Ride (Wave of Love) (Album: Louie Vega Starring...XXVIII) 2016
Nina Mya – Gotta Be Free (Album: Closure) 2016
Stefania Rava – Empty Faces (Album: The Sweetest Sound) 2010
Mausiki Scales – Kaleidoscopic Universe (Album: WestWest Africa) 2020
Don Pascal – Time feat. LyricL (Trev Remix) (Album: The Dakar Experiment) 2020
Black Light Collective – Freedom Day (Album: Black Light Collective) 2020
Daniel Casimir & Tess Hirst – Tell Me When (EP: These Days In These Ways) 2020
Angela Muñoz & Adrian Younge – Don't Care (Album: Adrian Younge presents Angela Munoz Introspection) 2020
Terrace Martin – First Responders (EP: Dinner Party) 2020
Kristian Persson – Boombap (Album: Elements) 2015
Ashley Henry – Ahmed (Album: Beautiful Vinyl Hunter) 2019
Club Des Belugas – Human Loss And Gain (Club Des Belugas Remix) (Album: Zoo Zizaro) 2009
Ana Flora – Influencia do Samba (Album: Poetica) 2010
Ed Motta feat. Maria Rita – A Turma da Pilantragem (Album: Piquenique) 2009
Camarão Orkestra – Dia De Verão (Album: Nação África) 2020
Malcolm Strachan – Take Me to the Clouds (Album: About Time) 2020
J.A.M – Brazil (Album: Just Another Mind) 2010
Kenichiro Nishihara – Brazilian Daydream (Album: Life) 2010
Papik – Happy Rhymes (Album: Rhythm of life) 2009
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio 12.07.2020
July 12, 2020 02:02 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Sunday 12th July 2020
Following on from last week’s midyear mini 2020 review, carrying that on this week with more of my favourite 2020 releases, this time out a varied style of killer tracks released this year

Camarão Orkestra feat. Anthony Joseph – Canto Da Bahia (Album: Nação África)
Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella – The Higher Love
Tall Black Guy feat. Devin Morrison – As the Night Moves (EP: Restless as We Are)
Kenny Wellington – Where Do We Go from Here (EP: Lock It Down)
Will Downing – Close To You
Kem – Lie To Me
Abi Flynn – Courage
Jarrod Lawson – Embrace What We Are
Ashleigh Smith feat. Chantae Cann – In the Rain (Extended Mix)
Brenda Nicole Moorer – Take A Little Trip (Forthcoming album: Marrow)
Joe Leavy – Inside You
John Gordon – Fresh Young Love (EP: Luv Junkie)
Miranda Rae – Invitation for Love (EP: Defying Love)
The Fantastics! – Take A Shot (Richard Earnshaw's Little Big TV Mix)
JD73 – Turn This Thing Around (Album: Neon)
Will Downing – Right Where You Are
Cool Million feat. Matthew Winchester – Keep On (Boogie Back Mix)
Carmichael Musiclover – House Party (Album: Lifeline)
The Whispers – How Long
Lamont Dozier Jr. – I'm Gonna Take My Time
Jessie Laine Powell – On The Edge
Reuben James – So Cool
Tiger Cloth feat. Filippo Perbellini & Alice Righi – Take It Slow (EP: Mind of Matter)
Aneesa – Just To Be With You
Adeline – Twilight
Jabari Grover – See It In Your Eyes (EP: See It In Your Eyes)
Glenn Jones feat. Genobia Jeter – Trust In Me

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