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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
September 16, 2019 10:22 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 15th September
Quality mid 70s classic soul

El Coco – Just Be You (LP: Lets Get It Together) 1976
The Tymes – It's So Good To Be Waking Up With You (LP: Turning Point) 1976
Webster Lewis – Do It With Style (LP: On The Town) 1976
Weapons Of Peace – This Life (LP: Weapons Of Peace) 1976
Rudy Love & The Love Family – Ain't Nuthin' Spooky (LP: Rudy Love & The Love Family) 1976
Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family – Fly Away Love Bird (LP: Has Arrived) 1976
9th Creation – Sexy Girl (LP: Falling in Love) 1976
Cleveland Robinson – No One Can Take Your Place (LP: Cleveland) 1976
Whispers – Put Me In The News (LP: One For The Money) 1976
Tommy Stewart – Make Happy Music (LP: Tommy Stewart) 1976
Esther Williams – Searching For Somebody Else (LP: Let Me Show You) 1976
Gavin Christopher – Love Has A Face Of Its Own (LP: Gavin Christopher) 1976
Cheyenne's Comin' – Dream Street (LP: Cheyenne's Comin') 1976
Courtial – Time To Explain (LP: Don't You Think It's Time) 1976
Michael Orr – Here I Go (Through These Changes Again) (LP: Spread Love) 1976
Johnny Bristol – I Sho Like Groovin' With Ya (LP: Bristol's Creme) 1976
The Joneses – Lies (LP: Who Love's You) 1977
Leon Debouse – Every Fella's Girl (LP: A Bold Instrument) 1977
Jaisun – Keepin' It To Myself (LP: Jaisun) 1977
Al Hudson & The Soul Partners – Trying To Prove My Love (LP: Especially For You) 1977
Keith Barrow – We’ve Got A Right To Be Wrong (LP: Keith Barrow) 1977
Lorraine Johnson – My Sweet Baby (LP: The More You Want) 1977
Lou Rawls – Some Folks Never Learn (LP: Unmistakably Lou) 1977
Jean Carn – You Got A Problem (LP: Jean Carn) 1977
The Dramatics – You Make The Music (I Just Dance Along) (LP: Shake It Well) 1977
Maxi Anderson – Glory, Glory (LP: Maxi) 1977
Blue Magic – Summer Snow (LP: Mystic Dragons) 1977
Paulette McWilliams – Feel Good All Over (LP: Never Been Here Before) 1977
The Blackbyrds – Something Special (LP: Action) 1977
Harvey Mason – Set It Free (LP: Funk In A Mason Jar) 1977
The Checkmates, Ltd. – Falling In Love (LP: We Got The Moves) 1977
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
September 08, 2019 03:50 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 8th September
Quality 70s and 80s classic soul

Curtis Mayfield – Victory (LP: Heartbeat) 1979
McCrarys – (Baby) I'm For Real (LP: On The Other Side) 1979
Leon Haywood – Blessed With Love (LP: Energy) 1979
Lenny Williams – Changes (LP: Spark Of Love) 1978
Tower Of Power – Just Make a Move (And Be Yourself) (LP: Back On The Streets) 1979
Father's Children – You Can't Get It (LP: Father's Children) 1979
The Softones & First Class – Tell Me What You Want (LP: Together) 1979
Sharon Ridley – Changin' (LP: Full Moon) 1978
The Mighty Pope – If You Want A Love Affair (LP: The Mighty Pope) 1977
Phyllis Hyman – Soon Come Again (LP: Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1978
Enchantment – Sunshine (LP: Enchantment) 1976
Dynamic Superiors – If I Could Meet You (LP: You Name It) 1976
Donny Hathaway – Flying Easy (LP: Extension Of A Man) 1973
The Four Tops – Love Makes You Human (LP: Keeper Of The Castle) 1972
Rhyze – Having Fun (Everybody's Having Fun) (LP: To The Top) 1981
Light Of The World – I Can't Stop (LP: Check Us Out) 1982
Billy Griffin – Be With Me (LP: Be With Me) 1982
Stephanie Mills – Here I Am (LP: Merciless) 1983
Soul Liberation – Touch Me Again (LP: Who Are You?) 1982
The New Guys On The Block – Stranger In My Life (LP: The New Guys On The Block) 1984
Leon Ware – Slipping Away (LP: Leon Ware) 1982
Michigan Avenue – Special Kind Of Love (LP: Michigan Avenue) 1983
Deco – Someone Special (LP: Fresh Idea) 1983
Ramsey Lewis – So Much More (LP: Three Piece Suite) 1981
Superior Movement – The Key To Your Heart (LP: The Key To Your Heart) 1982
Mike & Brenda Sutton – All Night, All Day (LP: Don't Hold Back) 1982
Instant Funk – Jumpin' To Conclusion (LP: Looks So Fine) 1982
Bobby Story (Patterson) – Let's Do Something Different (LP: The Storyteller) 1982
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
September 01, 2019 04:19 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 1st September
Quality 70s and 80s classic soul

The Johnny Otis Show feat. Barbara Morrison – Hey Boy! (45 Jazz World Records)
The New York Community Choir – Judgement Day (LP: The Gathering) 1981
The New York Community Choir – Help (LP: The Gathering) 1981
The Four Tops – Feel Free (LP: Catfish) 1976
Rudy Love & The Love Family – Come Back To Me (LP: This Song Is For You) 1978
Undisputed Truth – Sandman (LP: Smokin’) 1979
Double Exposure – Handy Man (LP: Fourplay) 1978
Whispers – I've Got A Feeling (LP: One For The Money) 1976
Bloodstone – Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It (LP: Don't Stop) 1978
The Softones – Sweet Dreamer (LP: Brand New Day) 1978
Blue Magic – Can't Get You Off My Mind (LP: Message From The Magic) 1978
Circle O'Fire – (You're A) Winner (LP: Escape Hatch) 1978
Five Special – Spread Love (All Over The World) (LP: Trak'n) 1981
Southern Cookin' – That Rainy Day (LP: Southern Cookin') 1980
Ozone – You On My Mind (LP: Walk On) 1980
Rodney Franklin – Vibrations (LP: Endless Flight) 1981
Chapter 8 – Let’s Get Together (LP: Chapter 8) 1979
Peabo Bryson – Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind (LP: Turn The Hands Of Time) 1981
Revelation – Stand Up (LP: Feel It) 1981
Evelyn Champagne King – What Are You Waiting For (LP: I'm in Love) 1981
The Dramatics – She's My Kinda Girl (LP: New Dimension) 1982
Breakwater – Time (LP: Splashdown) 1980
Pleasure – Special Things (LP: Special Things) 1980
Marva King – Who's Right, Who's Wrong (LP: Feels Right) 1981
Gemini – Can't Throw Away A Good Love (LP: Rising) 1981
Kwick – Why Don't We Love Each Other (LP: Kwick) 1980
Marlena Shaw – Rhythm of Love (LP: Acting Up) 1978
Kinsman Dazz – Catchin' Up On Love (LP: Dazz) 1979
Enchantment – Oasis Of Love (LP: Journey To The Land Of ...Enchantment) 1979
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 26, 2019 01:27 AM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 25th August
Quality early 80s classic soul

Five Special – This Love (LP: Trak’n) 1981
Jewel – You're So Jealous (LP: Cut'n'Polished) 1982
Jewel – Song Of Life (LP: Cut'n'Polished) 1982
Ike Noble – Your Love (LP: Fresh Start) 1981
Teddy Pendergrass – Only To You (LP: This One's For You) 1982
Peabo Bryson – Give Me Your Love (LP: Don't Play With Fire) 1982
Debra Laws – Be Yourself (LP: Very Special) 1981
Carl Carlton – Let Me Love You (LP: Carl Carlton) 1981
Heaven & Earth – Just In Time (LP: That's Love) 1981
The Manhattans – Just One Moment Away (LP: Love Talk) 1981
Lanier & Co. – After I Cry Tonight (LP: Lanier & Co.) 1983
Leon Haywood – I'll Always Be Around (LP: It's Me Again) 1983
Starpoint – This Is So Right (LP: It's All Yours) 1984
Marc Sadane – Baby Wont'cha (LP: Excitingv) 1982
Klique – I Can't Get Enough (LP: Let's Wear It Out) 1982
Tomorrow's Edition – Part Time Love (LP: A Song For Everyone) 1982
Rocket – Here Comes My Love (LP: Rocket) 1982
The Four Tops – Keep On Lightin' My Fire (LP: One More Mountain) 1982
TS Monk – Too Much Too Soon (LP: More Of The Good Life) 1981
Gloria Gaynor – Let's Mend What's Been Broken (LP: I Kinda Like Me) 1981
Hi-Five – We Came To Play (LP: The Other Side Of Us) 1981
The Spinners – Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling (LP: Can't Shake This Feeling) 1981
Charles Veal – Love Me Tonight (LP: Believe It) 1981
The Jones Girls – Better Things To Do (LP: Keep It Comin') 1984
Leroy Hutson – Classy Lady (LP: Paradise) 1982
Enchantment – Enchanted Lady (LP: Enchanted Lady) 1982
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 18, 2019 03:47 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 18th August
Quality early 80s classic soul

Zingara – Wonder Love (LP: Zingara) 1981
Future Flight – Dues (LP: Future Flight) 1981
Lamont Dozier – Nobody Told Me (LP: Working On You) 1981
Lakeside – It's Got To Be Love (LP: Keep On Moving Straight Ahead) 1981
Five Special – Had You A Lover (LP: Special Edition) 1980
Enchantment – I Believe In You (LP: Soft Light Sweet Music) 1980
Peabo Bryson – Words (LP: Don't Play With Fire) 1982
Ray Goodman & Brown – If We Open Up (LP: Open Up) 1982
Khemistry – There's No Me Without You (LP: Khemistry) 1982
Waldo – Love Don't Grow On Trees (LP: Love Don't Grow On Trees) 1982
Round Trip – You And Me (LP: Round Trip) 1980
First Love – Don't Be Afraid (LP: Love At First Sight) 1982
Michael Wycoff – Love Is So Easy (LP: Love Conquers All) 1982
Gayle Adams – Let's Go All The Way (LP: Love Fever) 1982
Sharon Redd – Love Is Gonna Get Ya (LP: Sharon Redd) 1980
Bobby Thurston – I Really Didn't Mean It (LP: The Main Attraction) 1981
Evelyn ''Champagne'' King – Your Kinda Lovin' (LP: Call On Me) 1980
Karin Jones – So Right (LP: Under The Influence Of Love) 1982
Revelation – Shout For Joy (LP: Revelation) 1982
Rodney Franklin – Dance Tonight (LP: Endless Flight) 1981
Lou Rawls – Ain't That Love, Baby (LP: Now Is The Time) 1982
Rene & Angela – Can't Give You Up (LP: Rise) 1983
Gene Dunlap – It's Just The Way I Feel (LP: It's Just The Way I Feel) 1981
Aretha Franklin – If She Don't Want Your Lovin' (LP: Jump To It) 1982
Luther Vandross – Once You Know How (LP: Forever, For Always, For Love) 1982
Broomfield – Good Times (LP: Broomfield) 1987
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 11, 2019 03:53 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 11th August
The 70s soul frenzy continues

Chicago Gangsters – I Choose You (LP: I Choose You) 1975
Willie Hutch – California My Way (LP: Fully Exposed) 1973
Michael Henderson – In The Summertime (LP: Do It All) 1979
Norman Connors – We Both Need Each Other (LP: You Are My Starship) 1976
Rena Scott – We Can Make It Better (LP: Come On Inside) 1979
Gary Bartz – Need Your Love (LP: Bartz) 1980
Mtume – Love Lock (LP: Kiss The World Goodbye) 1978
Lonnie Liston Smith – Sunburst (LP: Loveland) 1978
Starship Orchestra – All Those Things (LP: Celestial Sky) 1980
Aquarian Dream – Do You Realize (LP: Fantasy) 1978
Sweet Thunder – My Love (LP: Above The Clouds) 1978
First Choice – I Got A Feeling (LP: Let Us Entertain You) 1976
Black Ivory – Get Down (Comin' Down) (LP: Hangin' Heavy) 1979
Positive Change – Just Give Me A Part Of You (LP: Positive Change) 1978
David Simmons – Holdin' Back (LP: The World Belongs To Me) 1979
Anthony White – Yes You Need Love (LP: Could It Be Magic) 1976
Revelation – Where It's Warm (LP: Revelation) 1975
The Whispers – Will You Be Mine (LP: Whispers Getting Louder) 1974
The Choice Four – Keep In Touch (LP: The Choice Four) 1975
Timothy Wilson – It's Love Baby (LP: Timothy Wilson) 1978
Keith Barrow – Precious (LP: Keith Barrow) 1977
Adam Wade – Keeping Up With The Joneses (LP: Adam Wade) 1977
Beverly & Duane – It's Gonna Be Alright (With My New Love) (LP: Beverly & Duane) 1978
Jeannie Reynolds – I Don't Want To Be Second Best (LP: One Wish) 1977
Bobby Thurston – Sweetest Piece Of The Pie (LP: Sweetest Piece Of The Pie) 1978
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
August 05, 2019 10:45 AM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 4th August
Another 70s Soul Spectacular

Diana Ross – Medley: Brown Baby/Save the Children (LP: Touch Me in the Morning) 1973
Supremes – High Energy (LP: High Energy) 1971
Hodges, James & Smith – Sexy Ways (LP: Power In Your Love) 1975
J.R. Bailey – Everything I Want I See In You (LP: Just Me 'N You) 1974
Leroy Hutson – After the Fight (LP: The Man!) 1974
Dionne Warwick – Move Me No Mountain (LP: Then Came You) 1975
Lemuria – All I've Got To Give (LP: Lemuria) 1978
Notations – Make Me Twice The Man (LP: Notations) 1975
Peabo Bryson – Spread Your Wings (LP: Crosswinds) 1978
Ronnie Dyson – You're Number One (LP: Love In All Flavours) 1977
Tata Vega – Try Love From The Inside (LP: Full Speed Ahead) 1976
G. C. Cameron – Your Love Won't Turn Me Loose (LP: Love Songs & Other Tragedies) 1974
Family Brown – Dig The Music (LP: Imaginary World) 1977
Luther Vandross – Emotion Eyes (LP: Luther) 1976
The Jones Girls – Show Love Today (LP: The Jones Girls) 1979
The Emotions – Yes, I Am (LP: Come Into Our World) 1979
Solar Heat – Magic In My Mind (LP: Solar Heat) 1979
Lakeside – Diamond Girl (Tell Me Why You're Crying) (LP: Lakeside Express) 1977
L.T.D. – You Come First at Last (LP: Something to Love) 1977
Rare Gems Odyssey – Love Won't Set Me Free (LP: Rare Gems Odyssey) 1977
Ronnie McNeir – Mama And Daddy (LP: Love's Comin' Down) 1975
The Natural Four – Get It Over With (LP: Nightchaser) 1976
Leroy Hutson – Ella Weez (LP: The Man!) 1974
The Impressions – Make A Resolution (LP: Three The Hard Way) 1974
George Duke – Searchin' My Mind (LP: Reach For It) 1977
Enchantment – Thank You Girl For Loving Me (LP: Enchantment) 1976
Soul Children – Who You Used To Be (LP: Open door Policy) 1978
Sydney Joe Qualls – Bad Risk (LP: So Sexy) 1979
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – Where's The Concern For The People (LP: Now Is The Time) 1977
The Wind Down Zone Rotation on Starpoint Radio
July 31, 2019 03:54 PM PDT
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The Wind Down Zone Monthly Rotation on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 31th July 2019

Starpoint – Try Me (LP: Wanting You) 1981
Starpoint – All Night Long (LP: All Night Long) 1982
Starpoint – Somethin' In Your Eyes (LP: It's So Delicious) 1983
TS Monk – More To Love (LP: More Of The Good Life) 1981
Kitty And The Haywoods – Mystic Stranger (LP: Excuse Me, I've Got A Life To Catch) 1981
Special Delivery – Don't Deny My Love (LP: Living On The Run) 1981
Teddy Pendergrass – I Can't Live Without Your Love (LP: It's Time For Love) 1981
Phyllis Hyman – The Sunshine In My Life (LP: Can't We Fall In Love Again) 1981
Erick Washington – Breakin' Up (12" single) 1988
Az One – All Of My Heart (12" single) 1988
Carlton Blount – A Day Without Love (12" single) 1989
Smoke City – Love Affair (vocal mix) (12" single) 1988
Impact – I'm Here (LP: It's A Groove Night) 1989
Glenn Jones – I Love You (LP: Glenn Jones) 1987
Glenn Jones – Here I Go Again (LP: Here I Go Again) 1992
Glenn Jones – My First Love (CD: Forever: Timeless R&B Classics) 2006
Will Downing – Hey Girl (CD: Love's The Place To Be) 1993
Regina Belle – Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time) (CD: Reachin Back) 1995
Peabo Bryson – Waiting For Tomorrow (CD: Missing You) 2007
E J Johnson – Angela (CD: Totally With Me) 1999
Elaine Stepter – What Am I To Do (CD: The Woman I Am) 2006
Carmichael – Rock It (CD: All About Love) 2007
LaToya London – More (CD: Love And Life) 2005
Kirk Whalum feat. Kim Fields – In a Whisper (CD: Roundtrip) 2007
Lamone – (For You) I'll Go There (CD: Eclectically Speaking) 2007
Deniece Williams feat. Philip Bailey – Love's Holiday (CD: Love, Niecy Style) 2007
Timotha Lanae – Red (CD: Red) 2013
Carl Stanley feat. Gianna – Hold Me Close (Single) 2011
Carl Stanley feat. Gianna – Love (Single) 2012
LaShawn D. Gary – Runaway Love (feat. Roderick Harper) (Album: Love, Peace & Praise) 2015
Cedric Givens – Old Skool Love (Album: One Of A Kind) 2016
Lalah Hathaway – Looking Back (CD: Shades Of A Woman) 2008
Maysa – Loving You Is Easy (CD: Shades Of A Woman) 2008
Toni Redd – Time Reveals (Album: Her Reddness) 2015
Shenita Hunt – Are You Ready for Love? (Album: Color My World) 2015
Larry Braggs – Help (CD: Places) 2005
Peggi Blu – Uh Oh (CD: Livin' On Love) 2002
Rhonda Smith – Ray of Light (CD: RS2) 2006
Jenny James – Love 101 (Album: Aspiring 2 B Me) 2011
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
July 28, 2019 03:51 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 28th July
A 70s Soul Spectacular

Norman Connors – Invitation (LP: Invitation) 1979
Charnissa – When Can We Do This Again (LP: Charnissa) 1979
Zulema – Here's Where Love Begins (LP: Suddenly There Was You) 1976
Willie Hutch – Woman You Touched Me (LP: The Mark Of The Beast) 1974
L.T.D – Tryin' To Find A Way (LP: Gittin' Down) 1974
Norman Feels – Movie (LP: Where Or When) 1974
Four Tops – Strung Out For Your Love (LP: Catfish) 1976
Caesar Frasier – Just A Little Bit Longer (LP: Another Life) 1978
Windy City – Good Guys Don't Always Win (LP: Let Me Ride) 1977
Charles Drain – Is This Really Love (LP: Dependable) 1976
The Dramatics – Come Inside (LP: Shake It Well) 1977
Dells/Dramatics – Don't Make Me No Promises (LP: Dells vs. Dramatics) 1974
Dells – Our Love (LP: They Said It Couldn't Be Done, But We Did It!) 1977
Leroy Hutson – Getting It On (LP: Love Oh Love) 1973
The Joneses – Who Loves You (LP: The Joneses) 1977
The Whispers – Where There Is Love (LP: Bingo) 1974
Blue Magic – Never Get Over You (LP: Magic Of The Blue) 1974
The Individuals – Never Too Late (LP: Together (We Can Make Something Happen)) 1976
The O'Jays – Let Life Flow (LP: Message in the Music) 1976
Enchantment – You're The One (LP: Once Upon A Dream) 1977
The Reflections – Are You Ready (LP: Love On Delivery) 1975
Main Ingredient – I Gotta Know You (LP: Music Maximus) 1976
The Natural Four – Try To Smile (LP: The Natural Four) 1974
The Modulations – Love At Last (LP: It's Rough Out Here) 1975
Phyllis Hyman – So Strange (LP: Somewhere In My Lifetime) 1978
The Impressions – You Can't Be Wrong (LP: Loving Power) 1976
Heaven & Earth – Let's Get It Together (LP: Fantasy) 1975
Randy Brown – Love Is All We Need (LP: Welcome To My Room) 1978
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
July 22, 2019 10:23 AM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 21st July
Independent Soul Selections 2007-2013

Lejit – It Won't Work (Album: New Beginning) 2013
Lejit – How Can I (Album: New Beginning) 2013
Mary Gaines Bernard – I'll Go (Album: You Made It) 2013
Pamella Elaine – Sweet Light (Album: A Songbird's Thank You) 2013
Sharon Maree – Free (Album: Triumph) 2008
Wendy McIntyre – Wastin' Time (Album: The Anthem) 2009
Dana Fields – You Remind Me (Album: Nothing's Impossible) 2008
Gino Rosaria – I'd Rather Be With You (Album: Some Other Time) 2013
The EWP ft. Sean Scales – Love Faith Hope (Single) 2013
Khristian Dentley – Breath of Life (feat. Kirk Whalum) (Album: Khristian 3.0) 2013
Sean Michael Ray – Overdue (Album: Overdue) 2013
Nash Reed – Reaching Out (Album: Mercurial) 2008
Walt Coleman – True Love (Album: Songs In Transition) 2008
Sheila Taylor – One Wish (Album: Ballroom, Hustle 101) 2007
Voices Of The Light – Let Me Be (Album: Voices Of The Light) 2008
De-Ann Lott – Return To The Center (Album: Return To The Center) 2008
Jaia – Miracles (Album: Just As I Am) 2009
L'Nay – He Is (Album: Sweeter) 2011
La Shaun Phoenix Moore – Can't Stop It (Album: Space Between the Rain) 2011
D. Horne – Didn't I Tell You (Album: I Still Believe) 2008
Darrius Willrich – Can't Get Enough (Single) 2008
Robin Thicke – I Dont Know How It Feels To Be U (Album: Love After War) 2011
Jennifer Hartswick – Liar (Album: Ocean Floor) 2011
Lo Carter – I Don't Wanna Love You No More (Album: Seasons) 2011
Dave McMurray – Beautiful You (Album: I Know About Love) 2011

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