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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
July 07, 2019 03:55 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 7th July

The Emotions – No Plans For Tomorrow (LP: Flowers) 1976
The Emotions – How'd I Know That Love Would Slip Away (LP: Rejoice) 1977
The Emotions – Love Vibes (LP: Sunbeam) 1978
Hodges, James & Smith – You Can't Hide Love (LP: What Have You Done For Love) 1978
Stylistics – Smooth (LP: In Fashion) 1978
Notations – There I Go (LP: The Notations) 1975
Phyrework – Make It Last (LP: Phyrework) 1978
Linda Clifford – Still In Love With You (LP: Linda) 1977
Breakaway – Who Was It This Time (LP: Breakaway) 1977
Tony Sherman – I'll Be There (LP: Tony Sherman) 1974
Leroy Hutson – Could This Be Love (LP: The Man!) 1974
Willie Hutch – Soul Strutt (LP: Having A House Party) 1977
Zulema – You're So Empty (LP: R.S.V.P.) 1975
G. C. Cameron – Don't Tear Down What Took So Long To Build (LP: You're What's Missing In My Life) 1977
Johnny Bristol – I Sho Like Groovin' With Ya (LP: Bristol's Creme) 1976
Salsoul Invention – Be My Soul (LP: Salsoul Invention) 1977
Heat – Whatever It Is (LP: Revisited) 1981
Starpoint – We're Into Love (LP: Keep On It) 1981
Starpoint – Angel (LP: Wanting You) 1981
Teddy Pendergrass – You Must Live On (LP: It's Time For Love) 1981
Rose Royce – Love Is In The Air (LP: Golden Touch) 1981
The Spinners – Love Is Such A Crazy Feeling (LP: Can't Shake This Feeling) 1981
The Temptations – Your Lovin' Is Magic (LP: The Temptations) 1981
Valerie Horton-Brown – It Must Be Love (LP: Walk With Me) 1981
Marva King – Feels Right (LP: Feels Right) 1981
Billy Ocean – Everlasting Love (LP: Nights Like This (Getting Down)) 1981
Chi-Lites – Get Down With Me (LP: Me & You) 1981
Fantasy – Read Between The Lines (LP: Fantasy) 1981
Randy Brown – I Was Blessed (The Day I Found You) (LP: Randy) 1981
Genobia Jeter – Things Have Got To Get Better (LP: Things Have Got To Get Better) 1981
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
July 01, 2019 01:35 AM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 30th June

Jazzotheque feat. Phil Perry – Show Me Love (Album: Don't You Know That) 2014
Blackkurrent – Today (Album: Urban Soul) 2012
Nickie Conley – Get Away (Single) 2015
Lorraine Clarke-McGhie – Do You Know? (EP: LCM) 2015
Wincey – The Word (Album: God's Freqwincey) 2015
Kenny Smith feat. Blanche Mcallister Dykes – Faith (Album: Transformation) 2017
Kristan Omor – A Song For You (EP: From Then) 2017
Zanyé – Back In Love (Album: My Story Today) 2012
Maya Williams – I'm Done With Love (Album: The Way You Love Me) 2015
Alise King – Life (Album: In The Key of Soul) 2017
Toni Redd – Underneath My Skin (Album: Her Reddness) 2015
Sheldon Rhoden – Natural Love (Album: From Boy to Man) 2015
Brandon Williams feat. Frank McComb – Feel Free (Album: XII) 2014
AfterSix Productions – Starting Over (Album: What Love Is) 2015
Camera Soul – Life (Album: Existence) 2019
Philip Bailey – We're A Winner (Album: Love Will Find A Way) 2019
Karen Linette – Let Me Know (EP: Upside of Life) 2019
Soul Talk feat. Gary B. Poole – Say What's On Your Mind (Promo Single) 2019
Metro Lifted Worship – Covered (Single) 2019
Kea Michaels – Not My Friend (Single) 2019
Gerald Richardson – Naturally (Single) 2019
Isaiah Sharkey – On Your Mind (Album: Love Is the Key (The Cancerian Theme)) 2019
Natalie Slade – Humidity (Album: The Nature Volume 1) 2019
Charli Umami & Jus – Where The Water Used 2 Run (Album: The Nature Volume 1) 2019
Darnell Davis feat. Serena Young – You Didn't Give Up On Me (Album: Another Part Of Me) 2019
Deborah Bell (Official) – Love Won't Pay The Rent (Spearmint Mix) (Promo single) 2019
Camera Soul – Another Smile (Album: Existence) 2019
The Wind Down Zone Rotation on Starpoint Radio
June 27, 2019 12:31 AM PDT
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The Wind Down Zone Monthly Rotation on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 26th June 2019

Floaters & Shu-Ga – For Your Love (Fee Detroit 45 single) 1981
Midnight Star – Open Up To Love (LP: Standing Together) 1981
Norman Connors ft. Glenn Jones – Sing A Love Song (LP: Mister C) 1981
Morrissey Mullen – Ships That Pass In The Night (LP: Come And Get It) 1982
Donald Byrd – So Much In Love (LP: Words Spaces Sounds & Colors) 1982
Perry & Sanlin – Since You (Came Into My Life) (LP: For Those Who Love) 1980
Pieces Of A Dream – Feeling For You (LP: Makes You Wanna) 1988
Evelyn "Champagne" King – When Your Heart Says Yes (LP: Flirt) 1987
Louis Price & Nikita Germaine – Hearts Devotion (CD: Louis Price) 1991
Angela Bofill – Essence Of My Light (CD: I Wanna Love Somebody) 1992
Johnny Gill – Lady Dujour (LP: Johnny Gill) 1990
Miki Howard & Christopher Williams – Hope That We Can Be Together Soon (CD: Femme Fatale) 1992
Brainstorm – Waiting For Someone (LP: Stormin') 1977
Brainstorm – If You Ever Need To Cry (LP: Journey To The Light) 1978
Brainstorm – You Put A Charge in My Life (LP: Funky Entertainment) 1979
Atlantic Starr – Losing You (LP: Straight To The Point) 1979
Fowler Brothers – Mister Butterfly (LP: Breakfast For Dinosaurs) 1988
Alex Bugnon – So In Love (CD: 107 In The Shade) 1991
Lori Jenaire – How Do I Believe (CD: Presence) 1992
Kenny Lattimore – For You (CD: Kenny Lattimore) 1996
Janita – Angel Eyes (CD: I'll Be Fine) 2001
Tisha Campbell – Loves Got A Hold On Me (CD: Tisha) 1992
Malaika – Sweet Dreams (CD: Sugar Time) 1993
Vanessa Williams – Surrender (CD: Next) 1997
Kirk Whalum feat. Kevin Whalum & Lalah Hathaway – Make Me A Believer (CD: The Gospel According To Jazz - Chapter III) 2010
Aston Grey Project – Angel (Digital album: Changing the Game) 2015
Kevin Chandler Band – Gilding The Lily (CD: Psoul Psychedelica) 2000
Terisa Griffin – Love Changed (CD: My Naked Soul) 2006
Dionyza – Today Will Soon Be Yesterday (CD: Dionyza) 2008
Kevin Jackson – It's Alright (Digital album: The Mirrored Truth) 2015
Nia Simmons – Ocean Vibe (Digital album: A Songbird's Journey) 2015
Al McKenzie feat. Kristal Giles – Heaven (CD: Strawberry Noon) 2012
James Vargas – Say You Will (CD: James Vargas) 2004
BassX – All Inside (CD: Volume II Heir Wave) 2004
Judith Sephuma – New Beginnings (CD: New Beginnings) 2005
Deitrick Haddon – Stir The Gift (CD: Crossroads) 2004
Freestyle – Not That Easy (CD: Freestyle) 1999
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
June 23, 2019 03:46 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 23rd June

Jimmy Levine – Love Ship (CD: Share My Love) 2006
Root Soul – Just Do It (CD: Destiny Replayed By Root Soul) 2014
Glenn Lewis – Dream (CD: World Outside My Window) 2002
Rene Jones – Soul To Keep (CD: Chill Factor) 2006
Tammy Harris – Take Me Away (CD: Natural Vibe) 2007
Judith Sephuma – The Sun Will Shine Again (CD: New Beginnings) 2005
Charles Holt – I Am (CD: I Am) 2007
Leonard Julien III – The Love I Let Slip Away (CD: Reflections Of Soul) 2007
Carlton Blount – Acting Like You're Free (CD: (From) A Man's Point Of View) 2005
Kenny Lattimore & Chanté Moore – Love Saw It (CD: Things That Lovers Do) 2003
The Clark Sisters – Livin' [Live] (CD: One Last Time [Live]) 2007
The Voice Of Atlanta – Another Day (CD: Are You Listening?) 2007
Shei Atkins – Praise My Way Out (CD: Girl Talk) 2005
Greg Kirkland Jr. & The Generation Of Praise – Can't Nobody (CD: Journey) 2007
Cornell C.C. Carter – That Feelin' (CD: One Love) 2018
Cornell C.C. Carter – Badeyah (CD: One Love) 2018
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – To The Bone (Album: The Game) 2019
Victor Haynes – My Sweetest Temptation (Album: Take It To The Top) 2019
Pvibez – Just in Case (feat. Laurnea) (Album: The Vibezlab Sessions, Vol. II - EP) 2019
Bird Williams – Turn Around Electric Lady (Single) 2019
Mz. Pat – I Hold The Key (Single) 2019
The Rurals, Celestine – Mood For Love (Album: Vibrational Affections) 2019
Rahsaan Patterson – Wonderful Star (Album: Heroes & Gods) 2019
S. Wyte – True or Not (Album: The Land of Nod) 2019
LeBron, Anthony Saunders – Let Me Count The Ways (Album: Undeniable) 2019
T.L Shider – Need Somebody To Love (Album: Some How Some Way) 2019
Cindy Bradley – Wind Chill Factor (Album: The Little Things) 2019
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
June 16, 2019 03:49 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 16th June

Ann Nesby – This Could Be Love (CD: This Is Love) 2010
Angela Johnson feat. Julie Dexter – How Sweet Life Is (CD: A Woman's Touch Vol.1) 2008
Alison Crockett – You Know What Happens (CD: On Becoming A Woman) 2003
Alicia Myers – I Really Really Want You Now (CD: Peace Of Mind) 2011
Adam McKnight – Let's Come Together (CD: Determination) 2005
Regina Belle – Don't Wanna Go Home (CD: This Is Regina) 2001
Ray Chew & The Crew – Feelin' It (CD: Feeling It) 2002
DeJaye – Play This (CD: And The Good News Is ...) 2007
Darlene McCoy – I Wanna Thank You (CD: Darlene McCoy) 2007
Adrienne Nails – And His Love Goes On (CD: It's Time To Pray) 2008
Jaqi – Bite My Tongue (CD: Just Jaqi) 2005
David Dowlen – Shout Praises (CD: Giving All My Praise) 2005
Sameseed – Give U Thanks (CD: My Brother's Keeper) 2002
Nicole Wright – We Can Share The Love (CD: Fire) 2004
Tompi – Something To Live For (Single) 2019
T.L Shider – Thats When I Knew (Album: Some How Some Way) 2019
Vick Allen – I Luv U So (Album: Untouchable) 2019
Chris Walker – We're In This Love Together (Album: We're In This Love Together - Celebrating Al Jarreau) 2019
Victor Haynes – Strong Love (Album: Take It To The Top) 2019
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Fire (Album: The Game) 2019
Pvibez – What If (feat. Lifford) (EP: The Vibezlab Sessions Vol. 1) 2018
Abstract Orchestra – Eye (EP: Madvillain, Vol. 2) 2019
Cheri Maree – Time Waits (45 single BoogieBack Records) 2019
Tyra Levone – Keep Stepping (Single) 2019
Jennifer Holliday – Baby, Tonite (Let Me Love You) (Single) 2019
The Rurals – Supreme Groove (Single) 2019
Nikko Gray – Feathers (Single) 2019
Sidibe – Complacent Love (Single) 2019
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
June 09, 2019 03:52 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 9th June

James Fortune & FIYA – It Gets Better (Album: Dear Future Me) 2017
Lexi, Gene Moore – I Choose You (Album: Just Listen) 2018
Melvin Lee Davis & Tracy Carter – Nights Over Egypt (Album: Kindred Spirits) 2013
Raptured Fusion – Something Kind of Wonderful (Single) 2018
Run N' Fly – January (Album: Run N' Fly) 2017
Frank McComb – There Are No Words (Album: Soulmate, Another Love Story) 2016
Tony Remy & Tony Momrelle – Lighthouse (Album: Soulshine) 2015
Stephen Richard feat. Kiland – Give Me All Your Love (Album: Spectrum) 2017
Karen Bryant – Now It's Time (EP Now It's Time) 2017
Daneen Wilburn – After All This Time (Album: After All This Time) 2018
ToriYah – What's In A Name (Album: Ascension) 2017
Skinny Hightower – Next To You (Album: Retrospect) 2018
Kevin Ross – Don't Go (Album: The Awakening) 2017
Dar'rell Green ft Alaina Renae – Free Yourself (Album: The Afterparty) 2017
Lasperanza feat. Decosta Boyce – Let's Stay Together (Album: Seeds) 2019
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Lifeline (Album: The Game) 2019
Victor Haynes – Destiny (Album: Take It To The Top) 2019
Cheri Maree – Time Waits (45 single BoogieBack Records) 2019
Tyra Levone – Keep Stepping (Single) 2019
Jennifer Holliday – Baby, Tonite (Let Me Love You) (Single) 2019
Chris Ballin – Got To Get You (Single) 2019
Tony Momrelle – I Can't Live Without You (Album: Best Is Yet To Come) 2019
D Mills – Good to You (feat. TJ Wilkins) (EP: Man) 2019
Faye Moffett – Circles (Single) 2019
Sidibe – Complacent Love (Single) 2019
Tahirah Memory – Dust to Dust (Album: Asha) 2019
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection
June 02, 2019 03:48 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 1st June

Redfootz – Can't Hide Love (Album: Redfootz Presents The Red Sessions) 2009
Full Blast – All Night Long (Album: Full Blast the Band) 2009
Redfootz – Wishing On A Star (Album: Redfootz Presents The Red Sessions) 2009
Adriana Evans – Midnight (CD: Walking With The Night) 2010
The Crank Brothers – Right By Your Side (feat. Angela Johnson) (Single) 2013
Christie Andrews – Smile (Album: No Place Like Home) 2009
T.W.O. – Family (Album: The Whispers Orchestra) 2010
Sire – It Must Be You (Album: Strong Enough) 2011
Lawrence Beamen – Getting To Know You (Album: Sacred Love) 2013
Geno Young – All I Have (Album: Ear Hustler) 2010
Carlos Cannon – From My Heart (Album: Steppin Up The Game) 2010
Bethany Devine – Situations (Album: Spirit of Love) 2010
Yonrico Scott – Only a Smile (feat. Ronda Scott) (Album: Only A Smile) 2015
Raheem Devaughn & Jamecia Bennett – Need To Know (45 single Soul Japan) 2019
Ruben Cruz – Full Circle (45 single Soul Japan) 2019
Cheri Maree – Time Waits (45 single BoogieBack Records) 2019
Jennifer Holliday – Baby, Tonite (Let Me Love You) (Single) 2019
Kejam feat. Derick Pierre – Back Together (Single) 2019
Faye Moffett – Circles (Single) 2019
Tahira Clayton – Wait, Till Now (Album: Wait, Till Now) 2019
Sidibe – Complacent Love (Single) 2019
Sasha Keable – Under Your Skin (EP: Man) 2019
Tyrone Hendrix – Love Ain't Working (feat. Toni Hill) (Album: Rhythm On Life, Vol. 1) 2019
Kurt Lykes – More Love (feat. Tracy Carter & Jonathan Butler) (EP: More Love) 2019
Michael Donaby – Loves Not Coming Back (Album: Loves Not Coming Back EP) 2019
Soulpersona & Princess Freesia – Self Destruct (Album: The Game) 2019
Tyrone Hendrix – Are You Ready (feat. Jarrod Lawson) (Album: Rhythm On Life, Vol. 1) 2019
The Wind Down Zone Rotation on Starpoint Radio
May 29, 2019 03:07 PM PDT
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The Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 29th May 2019

Opus 7 – The Way You Move Me (LP: Thoughts) 1979
Sweet Thunder – Loves Embrace(LP: Horizons) 1979
Rena Scott – If I Had A Chance(LP: Come On Inside) 1979
Phyllis Hyman – Give A Little More(LP: You Know How To Love Me) 1979
Mtume – We're Gonna Make It This Time(LP: In Search Of The Rainbow Seekers) 1980
Tom Grant ft. Sharon Bryant – I've Just Begun To Love You (CD: In My Wildest Dreams) 1992
Tim Owens – Let's Get Blue (CD: I Just Wanna Love You) 1991
Nita Whitaker – Rock Me (CD: Nita Whitaker) 1994
Norman Brown – Never Again (CD: Celebration) 1999
Kabanya-Chemise – Feels Like Love (CD: The Hurst Selection Vol. 1) 2011
ZanYé – Conversation (CD: Conversations) 2014
Toni Redd – I'm Changing (CD: 'N The Key Of Redd) 2008
L.T.D. – (Won'tcha) Stay With Me (LP: Something To Love) 1977
L.T.D. – We Both Deserve Each Other's Love (LP: Togetherness) 1978
L.T.D. – Lovers Everywhere (LP: Shine On) 1980
Al Johnson – Peaceful (LP: Peaceful) 1978
Chapter 8 – We Need Your Love (LP: Chapter 8) 1979
Guinn – Dreamin' (LP: Guinn) 1986
Mark Portmann – Here I Go Again (CD: No Truer Words) 1997
Vince Ebo – Just 2 B With U (CD: Simply Soul Flavas) 1998
Donnie McClurkin & Nancy Jackson – You Haven't Lived (CD: In The Meantime) 1998
Darrius – Blissful (CD: Cafe De Soul Vol 1) 2002
Sirius B Project – Always Remember (Featuring Donnie) (CD: Sirius B Project) 2003
Terri Walker – Yes I Do (CD: L.O.V.E.) 2005
Vula – Want UR Love (Single) 2007
King Ellis – A Lady Times a Lady (Remix) (Digital album: Timeless Vol 1) 2009
Frank McComb – Only In My Dreams (CD: Truth Volume 2 (The Motown Sessions) 2006
David Marq – Don't Ask My Neighbors (CD: The Hit It Project) 2008
Maurissa Rose – Love Is My Religion (Digital album: Love Is My Religion) 2019
Tahirah Memory – Heart Asked You In (CD: Asha) 2019
Shirley Jones – You Are Why (Digital album: Feels Like Heaven) 2010
John Gordon – Until You (Digital album: Soul.Funk.Drunk.Love.) 2010
Jody Mayfield – Just One Look (feat. Sherita Murphy) (Digital album: Soul Sanctuary) 2010
Manuela Panizzo – Hurry, Come To Me (Digital album: Don't Fall In Love With Me) 2012
Timotha Lanae – Gettin' To Know You (CD: Red) 2013
Rae Ellis – Everywhere I Go (Digital album: The Diary of Rae Ellis) 2013
Cheryl Daniels – Key To My Heart (Digital album: Weekend) 2011
Dionne – Fully (Digital album: Helium) 2014
The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection #5
April 28, 2019 04:05 PM PDT
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The Soulsorts Sunday Soul Collection on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Sunday 28th April

Nothende – Dance To This (CD: Lovelight) 2011
Michael Lington – Gonna Love You Tonite (feat. Kenny Lattimore) (CD: Soul Appeal) 2014
J. Holiday – Thinkin About You (Album: Guilty Conscience) 2014
Charmaine – Sunny Days (Album: Dimensions of Love) 2013
Dominique Toney – A Love Like Ours (feat. Kevin Toney) (Album: A Love Like Ours) 2014
Ruth Koleva – Dizzy Love Affair (Album: Ruth) 2014
Stephanie Higgins Garrett – Sunny Days (Album: Stephanie) 2013
Cheryl Daniels – We Don't Talk (Album: Weekend) 2011
Taheesha Renee – Love's Taken Over (Album: Renee: The Other Side) 2014
Gwendolyn Collins – Moments4love (CD: Storytelling Side II, Moments4Love) 2016
K.Avett – Heaven (Album: K.Avett: Revelations) 2014
The Brydge – Dream Come True (feat. Faith Otey) (Album: Livin Lyfe: The Experience, Vol. 1) 2014
Herb Middleton feat Roz King – Left Like Yesterday (Album: Soul & R&B Music Lovers Vol 1) 2015
Raffia – Maybe It's Not (EP: Let It Go) 2013
Sunlightsquare – Hanging Tough (feat. HanLei) (45 vinyl single) 2019
Tony Momrelle – My Paradise (CD: Best Is Yet To Come) 2019
The O'Jays – Start Stoppin' (Boogieback Mix) (Single) 2019
Victor Haynes – Destiny (Album: Take It To The Top) 2019
Regi Myrix presents Noel Gourdin – Lovin' Up (You) (Forthcoming) 2019
Tony Momrelle – We Had Searched for Heaven (feat. Maysa) (CD: Best Is Yet To Come) 2019
Tony Momrelle – I Should Have Loved You More (feat. Sid Gauld) (CD: Best Is Yet To Come) 2019
Antoinique – Never Die (Single) 2019
Musa Manzini – You Give Me Love Jam (Album: Trust in Love) 2019
Lasperanza feat. Decosta Boyce – In The Mood (CD: Seeds) 2019
Miriam Dance – Wish (EP: Heartstrings) 2019
Tahirah Memory – Dust to Dust (CD: Asha) 2019
Tyrone Hendrix – The Battle feat. Jarrod Lawson & Farnell Newton (Single) 2019
The Wind Down Zone Rotation on Starpoint Radio
April 24, 2019 04:13 PM PDT
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The Wind Down Zone on Starpoint Radio
Initially broadcast Wednesday 24th April 2019

Heaven & Earth – Give Love One More Chance (LP: That's Love) 1981
Bridge – Out There In Space (LP: Crying For Love) 1981
Delegation – In Love's Time (LP: Delegation) 1981
Jamm – I Promise (CD: I Promise) 1991
Whispers – Don't Be Late For Love (LP: More Of The Night) 1990
The O'Jays – No Can Do (CD: Heartbreaker) 1993
Willie Collins – Restless (LP: Where You Gonna Be Tonight) 1986
RJ's Latest Arrival – Hold On (LP: Hold On) 1986
The Winans – Universal Love (CD: Heart & Soul) 1995
Lakeside – Talk About Love (CD: Party Patrol) 1990
Leon Ware – Slow Motion (LP: Undercover) 1987
Cameo – Sparkle (LP: Secret Omen) 1979
Cameo – Why Have I Lost You (LP: Cameosis) 1980
Cameo – I Never Knew (LP: Knights Of The Sound Table) 1981
Eighties Ladies – He Is Mine Forever (LP: Eighties Ladies) 1980
Rene & Angela – Strangers Again (LP: Rene & Angela) 1980
Side Effect – Close To Me (LP: After The Rain) 1980
Fat Larry's Band – You've Waited Too Long (LP: Stand Up) 1980
Chocolate Jam Co. – Don't Leave Me Now, Stay With Me (LP: The Spread Of The Future) 1980
Round Trip – You And Me (LP: Round Trip) 1980
Symba – Can I Get To Know You (LP: Body Bait) 1980
Charme – Never (Gonna Let You Go) (LP: Let It In) 1979
Sir John Roberts feat Lady Patience – Do You Believe In Fate (LP: Sophisticated Funk Orchestra) 1979
Bill Summers & Summers Heat – Come Into My Life (LP: Feel The Heat) 1977
Tahirah Memory – Never Wonder (CD: Asha) 2019
The Undisputed Truth – Metamorphosis (Digital Album: The Truth Gon' Make You Free) 2019
L'Renee – I'm Done (Digital EP: I'm Done) 2019
Rippingtons ft. Chante Moore – Til You Come Back To Me (CD: Wild Card) 2005
Lalah Hathaway – Forever, For Always, For Love (CD: Forever, For Always, For Luther) 2004
Maysa Leak & Kevin Whalum – There's Nothing Better Than Love (CD: Forever, For Always, For Luther Volume II) 2006
Angie Stone – Be Ever Wonderful (CD: Interpretations) 2007
Ian Martin ft Tim Owens & Jill Zadeh – Let Me Give You More (CD: The Way) 2005
Danielle Haynes – I Want To Be Close (Digital Album: Love's Never Lost) 2009
Catina Rosemond – Come Home (Digital Album: Nothing Missing, Nothing Broken) 2010
Aaron Marcellus & The Will Band – Say You Love Me (Digital Album: Aaron Marcellus & The Will Band) 2009
Bob Baldwin – For You (CD: For You) 2002

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